From piercing to trimming, and everything in between, press tool operations cover many different methods to form metal parts. Keep reading to find out more about different types of press tool operations.

What Are Press Tool Operations?

Press tools generally perform some sort of task within a hydraulic, pneumatic, or mechanical press machine to produce metal components in large quantities.

Different press tools perform various tasks, such as piercing, blanking, forming, bending, trimming, or forging. The entire process of producing metal parts is called a press tool operation.

We have outlined widely-used types of press tool operations.

Blanking Press Tool

A blanking tool can cut off the outer profile of a metal sheet. It can cut it in its entirety with one single stroke, using one punch and die. This is used to cut a flat shape out of a metal sheet.

Compound Press Tool

When utilizing the compound tool, the blanking and piercing stages are fused into one by inverting the tool itself. There is no piercing die needed.

Combination Press Tool

Combination tools can simultaneously perform two operations. It combines one operation, like forming, with a cutting operation, such as blanking off. Basically, a cutting and non-cutting operation are performed together, but not two cutting operations.

Cut Off Press Tool

Like the name sounds, a cut-off tool shears off a strip of sheet metal. The operation is one single motion, and the user determines what size strip dimension to cut.

Drawing Press Tool

The drawing tool takes a flat sheet of metal and shapes it into forms like cups and shells. This process is called elastic or plastic deformation (it applies to metals as well as plastics).

Forming Press Tool

Related to the binding tool, a forming tool can apply more complicated bends to stampings (such as those stampings that curve).

Parting Off Press Tool

This tool is similar to the cut off tool, but cuts along two different paths simultaneously whereas the cut off tool uses one single motion to cut off a piece of metal.  A parting off tool results in some wastage. The workpiece cannot be nestled on the sheet as precisely as with the cut off tool.

Piercing Press Tool

A piercing tool produces a clean-cut hole in your sheet metal with a scrap slug. It can also make flat holes with a shearing action.

Shaving Press Tool

A shaving tool shaves off small amounts of material from the side of a hole or shape that has already been cut. This helps make the edges smoother.

Trimming Press Tool

The trimming tool is a press brake tool designed to regulate any irregular waviness. Waviness sometimes remains in the sheet metal’s side once shells and cups are cut from it.

Short Run Stamping

A stamping press is a type of metalworking machine tool. It cuts or shapes flat metal shapes into specific shapes by stamping and cutting with a die. There are different stamping techniques used to shape the metal.

Short run stamping is highly efficient, with prompt delivery. It offers customers a cost-effective manufacturing process that can match short lead times. It’s suitable for repetitive low to medium volumes. Short run stamping can also accommodate those customers that need part alterations.

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