Short Run Stampings, CNC LASER Cutting, Metal Fabrication

We’re a leading provider of short-run metal stamping, CNC LASER cutting, sheet metal fabrication and welding, as well as many secondary and value-added operations.
Established in 1965, Fox Valley Stamping Company continues to provide a diversity of services to numerous businesses across various industries. Our business excels at custom metal stampings for a plethora of applications, and we manufacture them to any specifications for any budgets.
Fox Valley Stamping Company provides innovative B2B solutions that are cost effective and flexible. Our specially designed system allows us to create delivery schedules and carry out each service in the committed time. Each service we offer combines both traditional and modern manufacturing ideas and is completed by highly experienced staff operating state of the art machinery and equipment.
We have included details about our capabilites in Short Run Stampings, LASER cutting, and Fabrication & Welding.

Short Run Stamping

For over fifty years, we have offered exceptional precision short run metal stamping services.  We specialize in customized short-run metal stampings with state-of-the-art machinery.

 Our stamping services are highly efficient and we use prompt delivery methods too.  Short Run Stamping is a cost-effective manufacturing process ideal for customers with short lead times, repetitive low to medium volumes and for customers who may require part alterations. We use a variety of cutting-edge and traditional equipment to facilitate the best job possible. FVSC works closely with your business to ensure your metal stamping requirements are met.

LASER Cutting

Our CNC LASER cutting services will meet your business needs while providing a cost-effective method for small and medium part orders.

Fox Valley Stamping’s experienced CNC LASER operators produce quality parts efficiently and accurately.  Leveraging Metalsoft CAD System, specialists will convert your unique CAD designs into precision cut parts using software driven equipment.  The finished product is practically burr-free holes and edges.

CNC LASER cutting minimizes production time with no tooling necessary and reduces excess material waste compared to traditional stamping for flat sheet metal.

Metal Fabrication / Welding

Fox Valley Stamping Company’s sheet metal fabrication and welding services are cost-effective and turnaround is very competitive with our in-house capabilities.

At Fox Valley Stamping, we are able to provide options to meet your welding project needs by leveraging our expertise in both MIG and TIG welding. MIG welding is versatile and fast.  TIG welding results in a cleaner, higher quality weld and requires more skilled welders such as those we have on our team.

As we assemble the individual stampings or metal blanks, we will ensure the finished project meets your business specifications.  Quality welding and fabrication are always our standard and we will build specific fixtures, if needed, to complete your projects.

Secondary & Value Added Options

We offer a broad range of secondary & value-added options that go beyond precision metal stamping. Our company can provide businesses with expertly finished and packaged components that are ready for customer use. Our value added options mean that our clients can save money, and dramatically increase their productivity.

For more information on any of these services, please contact Fox Valley Stamping Company if you’re interested in any of the phenomenal services we offer.


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