Short Run Stampings, CNC LASER Cutting, Metal Fabrication

Short Run Stamping

Since 1965, we have been experts in precision short run metal stamping services. We specialize in custom short-run metal stampings with our state-of-the-art machinery.

Short Run Stampings at Fox Valley Stamping offer an economical and efficient solution for customers with short lead times or repetitive low to medium volumes. Our skilled stamping team excels in producing top-quality products using cutting-edge and traditional equipment. Whether you need part alterations or specific requirements, we work diligently to ensure your needs are met and deliver the best possible results for your company.

LASER Cutting

With years of proficiency in this industry, our experienced specialists operate all of our CNC LASER cutting equipment and provide customers with a complete metal laser cutting service. Our CNC LASER cutting service is a worthy investment for businesses or buying agents with flat sheet metal parts.

We manufacture finished parts and components with smooth surface finishes and virtually burr-free holes and edges using advanced CNC technology. With minimal material waste compared to traditional stamping processes, our metal laser cutting services are efficient and highly cost-effective. Submit your CAD designs, and we will transform them into precise parts tailored to your application. Experience the precision and quality of CNC LASER cutting.

Metal Fabrication / Welding

Our in-house sheet metal fabrication and welding services offer a variety of benefits to our customers, including better workflow and quality, faster delivery, and less cost—experience Expert Sheet Metal Fabrication and Welding Services at Fox Valley Stamping Company.

Our in-house team delivers high-quality work and unmatched efficiency, which all our customers highly value, with precision results, top-notch equipment, cost-effectiveness, and swift project management. Trust us for your sheet metal fabrication and welding needs and discover the excellence that sets us apart.

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