Progressive vs. Short Run Stamping

Metal stamping is a very common manufacturing process used to shape metal. You see its products in use every day. Take a look around - do you see any items that have been shaped out of flat metal? These items have been made using metal stamping! This type of...

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What is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is a manufacturing process that shapes raw metal materials into an end product or parts. There are numerous metal fabrication processes and uses, creating everything from hardware to pipes to airplane parts. For improved efficiency and service, metal...

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The Top 8 Questions New Customers Ask

Fox Valley Stamping is a leader in metal stamping and fabrication services. We’ve been in business since 1965 providing customers with custom metal stampings for a wide variety of inventory, budgets, and applications. Our skilled metal working team remains committed...

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How to Cut Intricate Designs in Sheet Metal

It is possible to cut intricate designs in sheet metal with handheld and home shop tools. But it’s very labor-intensive and hard on your hands. A metal laser cutter can cut intricate designs in a matter of minutes. Best of all, it can repeatedly reproduce the same...

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How Much Does a Laser Cutter Cost?

Laser cutting equipment can provide companies with quick and efficient ways to cut and engrave metal. Cutting with laser machines is not only cleaner than other cutting methods, but it also requires less finishing and deburring after the cuts are made. Though...

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How Does a Laser Cutter Work?

A laser cutter opens the door for design and functionality. The precision tool is widely used for metal fabrication, woodcutting, plastic manufacturing, art & décor, and more. How does a laser cutter work? What are the types of laser cutting machines? We’ll answer...

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