Fox Valley Stamping Company is Leading in CNC Metal Cutting Services

Embracing CNC metal cutting for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, customers of Fox Valley Stamping confidently entrust their precision part production to these specialized services. Consistent results show minimal rough edges and smooth finishes, highlighting the expertise of skilled fabricators dedicated to creating top-quality laser-cut components.

Fox Valley has operated since 1965 and caters to many industries by providing comprehensive metal stamping and fabrication solutions. The company’s expertise spans a range of capabilities, from CNC Laser cutting to short run metal stampings and welding. FVS executes its CNC metal cutting services cost-effectively and punctually, always putting its customers first. 

Some of the best advantages to working with Fox Valley Stamping include:

*Value-Added Operations: Expanding the scope of CNC metal cutting services, Fox Valley Stamping presents value-added operations as an integral part of a holistic project solution. These supplementary services encompass assembly, heat treating, and packaging, consolidating manufacturing processes seamlessly.

*In-House Tooling for CNC Metal Cutting Services: Leveraging in-house tools, experienced machinists at Fox Valley Stamping contribute to reduced customer setup costs, particularly benefiting those with small to medium production volumes.

*Quality: A dedicated commitment to quality assurance underscores every facet of CNC metal cutting services at Fox Valley Stamping. Adhering to ISO 9001: 2008 quality management standards, their meticulous processes extend from design to final production, striving for a consistent 100% acceptance rate from customers.


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Laser Metal Cutting Equipment Features:

Mazak Super-Turbo X, CNC CO2 LASER

  • 1500 watt output & peak output of 3000 watts in super pulse mode, 32-Bit CNC Controller for quick programming; no tooling costs
  • Minimal setup
  • Fast job turnaround times
  • Maximum cutting thickness: .375″ mild steel, .125″ stainless steel
  • Minimum cutting thickness: .020″ most materials
  • Maximum sheet size: 48″ x 96″
  • Geometric part production with high precision dimensions, shapes and tolerances
  • Smooth surface finishes

Metalsoft CAD System

  • 2D CAD CAM
  • 3D-2D Import / Unfold
  • DXF & IGES Import Capabilities
  • Electronic File Transfer Available

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