For small to medium volume jobs, in-house tooling can increase efficiency, save on costs, improve accuracy, and more. Metal fabrication shops that offer in-house tooling can best provide high quality and consistent metal fabrication to fit your needs.

What is In-House Tooling

When it comes to metal fabrication, unique tools are often needed for different kinds of projects. That means that in order to create the product, you must first create the tool, or tools, required for its production. Many metal fabrication shops rely on outside tool-makers to make such tools, but that adds a third-party to the production process.

In-house tooling removes the third-party, enabling metal fabrications shops to better control the quality of the tools, as well as the rate of production. That is why metal fabrication shops that offer in-house tooling are preferred over those that do not.

Benefits of In-House Tooling

There are many advantages to having in-house tooling for forming, punching holes, and other custom metal stamping work. Here, we discuss those advantages to both businesses and end-customers:

Cost savings from minimal tool investment

As we mentioned, in-house tooling omits a third-party. Without in-house tooling, the project would have to work around a third-party’s schedule which can have costly effects on production. Plus, the third-party must make a profit, too, adding to the overall cost of the tools.

Quicker job turnaround time

In-house tooling saves on having to send out tool-work to a third party at another location. You save on delivery time, processing, and, if there’s a mistake, corrections. It only makes sense that by omitting a third-party, the job gets done faster.

Design change flexibility

With in-house metal stamping, you have the flexibility to change designs. In some cases, an existing tool can be quickly modified to meet the new design. More so, the technicians doing the metal stamping can identify design flaws, which they can then fix in-house. Ultimately, you more easily achieve a better design and final product.

Faster availability of parts for customer production

The faster you have parts, the more efficient production is. You don’t want out-of-house tooling to slow down parts production, and thus slow down your project.

Guarantee of short run tooling throughout the duration of a job

Nothing is worse than having to stop production while you wait on a tool. With in-house tooling, production is guaranteed to keep moving forward for the duration of the job.

Repair or replacement of short run tooling as needed

If a tool breaks, it gets fixed on the spot if the shop has in-house tooling. No need to consult or hire a third-party, accruing production delays in the meantime.

In-House Tooling for Metal Stamping

If you need small to medium volume production, you should select a metal fabrication shop that offers in-house tooling. By omitting a third-party, you ensure the highest quality and quickest turnaround at the best price. Overall, it saves money, time, and headaches.

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