Custom metal stamping gives you total control over design, materials, shapes, finishes, and tolerances. Custom metal stamping ensures compatibility, durability, and customization of parts. With the right tools and design, custom stamps can be used to produce parts with the desired shape and deliver a final product with tight tolerances. Custom metal stamped parts are the best choice for a wide range industries including medical devices and automotive application. If you’re unsure of which metal stamping service is best for you, consider contacting a local metal shop.

Metal stamping companies use sophisticated custom tooling to create a high-quality custom metal part. Custom metal stamping is particularly useful for custom enclosures or parts with fine details. This process creates custom-fit parts, such as connectors and battery components. It can also create sensitive electronic parts, such as tantalum wires and mica-containing insulators. The application possibilities are virtually endless. A custom metal stamping company can even make your part’s design unique through progressive stamping and by adding a unique metal finish.

The first step in the process is blanking, in which a piece of metal is removed from a primary metal sheet or strip. The new material then becomes the new metal workpiece. Another step in the stamping process is coining, where extreme pressure is applied to a die. This process shapes the metal to a precise shape and leaves permanent forms in the workpiece. Coining also smooths out sharp edges and eliminates any existing burrs. Additionally, coining can reduce the amount of metal scrap produced. A stamping press converts flat sheet metal into a specific shape using stamping dies and pressure. For high-volume metal stampings, progressive die stamping simultaneously performs several stamping operations on a piece of sheet metal. Depending on the stamping needs, small parts can be produced with quick turnarounds but higher volume and more complex items may have a longer lead time.

Material Selection

The manufacturing process for a custom part can include a variety of materials, including brass, aluminum, and phosphor bronze. Stainless steel is particularly useful for cylinder parts. Since stainless steel does not have seams, it has superior corrosion resistance and low-cost production. Copper is also an ideal material for heat-sensitive applications, and can be stamped to meet your specifications. You can also customize the metal used for your custom metal stamped parts by incorporating a variety of alloys into the alloy. Depending on the part requirements, you can choose lightweight aluminum, heavy-duty steel, or expensive precious metals. Consulting with metal stamping specialists early in the part design process allows them to determine the best material for the best results.

Quality Stamping

Precision metal stamping companies incorporate quality controls into every phase of the process. From design and engineering to production, every step of the process is under strict control and quality standards. The precision metal stamping company incorporates quality controls and mistake-proof processes into every stage of the project. Precision metal stamping can be performed at a micron level with advanced technology. The technology used in metal stamping ensures that the parts are produced accurately, while keeping production costs to a minimum. Because of these advantages, industry professionals often trust custom metal stamping companies for their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Stamped metal parts help manufacturers meet deadlines faster and reduce costs.

Metal stamping machines often perform secondary operations in addition to stamping. These secondary operations may include trimming, welding, coating, plating, polishing, deburring, and heat treating. You can select any of these processes, and they may also prevent corrosion, improve appearance, or smooth sharp edges. While many metal stampers perform secondary operations in-house, others coordinate with approved suppliers for more complex processes. To meet your exact specifications, the best solution is to consult a metal stamping service company.

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