Fox Valley Stamping is a leader in metal stamping and fabrication services. We’ve been in business since 1965 providing customers with custom metal stampings for a wide variety of inventory, budgets, and applications. Our skilled metal working team remains committed to deliver high quality precision parts.  Here are the top 8 questions our new customers ask.

1. Why do your customers choose Fox Valley Stamping over other companies?
Your time is valuable, right? Check us out to make the most of your investment. Fox Valley Stamping is conveniently located for quick access to our services. We have built our company with you in mind. Our committed staff, flexible schedule and holding inventory all guarantee a quick turn-around. You can depend on us to stand by our promises and to build our business relationships based on reliability and integrity!

2. Why are your products superior?
The final products are made to your specifications and we have a very low reject rate. Our services include the ability to package your product so that you can minimize the time needed to finalize the services and get the product to your customers.

3. Why are you easier to do business with?
We understand the needs of today’s buyers and the economic advantages to ensuring a quick turnaround. Our quick service allows you to keep your onsite inventory levels low and that can allow you more usable work space. Our ability to provide you with a rapid response will streamline all aspects of your business.

4. Why can customers trust you?
Trust is earned and we can tell you that the customers that came to us 50 years ago still constitute a large part of our customer base today. Their continued patronage for all these years is a testimony to the fact that we listen to their needs, give them good value for their dollar, and we respond with great customer service. We value their trust and continue to work on earning their trust as well as yours.

5. Why do your customers continuously do business with you?
We built into the relationship an element of reliability. Customers start with us because they need a part and they stay with us because we know their business needs and value their success. When our customers are growing, so are we. It’s all about the relationship!

6. Why have you stayed successful in business this long?
We have a passion for this industry and have stayed on top of the newest technology. Managing the constant improvements and changes has been easier because we have stayed small. We are able to be flexible and to make adjustments quickly because of this and we truly feel that it’s what we are meant to do. Our passion has meant success to our customers. It is a win-win reward system.

7. What industries use your products?
Medical, Electrical, Pumps & Meters, Detention, Professional Hand Tools, Automotive Aftermarket and most major industries.

8. Explain why your products should be used in each of the industries you have mentioned?
Simply put- Quality and Value.

In every project, Fox Valley Stamping emphasizes accessibility, timeliness and responsiveness in its quest to provide unmatched customer service. Getting you the information you need, and getting it fast, is our highest priority. You can expect our experienced customer service team to provide you with project status information within minutes. Contact us today for a free quote.