To find the best laser cutting service, you need more than a Google Maps search. Each laser cutting service has different specialties and track records. So, when you’re trying to find where to get laser cutting done, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration.

What type of material are you cutting?

Laser cutting machines can cut everything from plastic to wood, metal to stone, and more. But laser cutting machines are not “one machine cuts all.” When you’re researching where to get laser cutting done, you need to search specifically for “metal laser cutting service” or whichever material you need cut.

There are also different subsets for each material. For instance, at Fox Valley Stamping, we cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as steel and aluminum. Another metal laser cutting service, however, may not cut ferrous metals. Once you narrow it down by basic material, you may have to narrow it down further by exact material.

CNC Laser Cutting vs. Manual Laser Cutting

A CNC laser cutting machine is guided by a computer to cut highly precise, consistent parts. More and more shops use CNC laser cutting machines even on simpler, small-volume projects, but some still use manual laser cutting tools.

CNC laser cutting services:

  • are cost-effective
  • provide high precision part production
  • provide consistent part production within the tightest variation margins
  • reduce waste
  • are more efficient

Added-Value Operations

Another important consideration when determining where to get laser cutting done is added-value operations. These additional services often go hand-in-hand with laser cutting and offer the ability to complete most or all production under one roof.

Since we specialize in metal, Fox Valley Stamping offers a metal laser cutting service, metal stamping, and metal fabrication. We also do in-house tooling, welding, finishing, packaging, and more. A laser cutting service that does more than cut will save you time, money, and headaches.

Local vs. Not Local

For small, low-volume projects, it usually makes sense to go with a local laser cutting service. However, for large volume orders, you can expand your search radius to get the best prices and service.

As we mentioned, different shops have different capabilities and your local shop may be limited. Whereas another shop elsewhere can do it faster and cheaper, which can make up for shipping costs.

At Fox Valley Stamping, we provide B2B solutions for businesses across various industries and locations. So, don’t limit yourself to only your local options!

Where to Get Laser Cutting Done?

If you’re looking for a metal laser cutting service, you don’t have to look any further. Fox Valley Stamping is a one-stop shop for all your metal needs. We will create delivery schedules and carry out each service in the committed time. We mix traditional and modern manufacturing processes to produce the highest quality products in the most efficient, affordable manner.

Contact Us today or Send RFQ to get started. Or feel free to call us at 847-741-2277.

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